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I won’t lie: I’ve been secretly harbouring a lifelong dream of becoming a fiction writer. I’ve had that dream ever since I started reading books as a hobby. The Three Investigators series, for one, thrilled me between the ages of ten and fourteen.


Yes, the series was dated (Alfred Hitchcock was their mentor, after all), and this series never became as popular as the Hardy Boys. But Jupiter, Pete and Bob took part in all sorts of thrilling adventures that enthralled me as a kid.

When my family got our first computer back in 1995, I sort of started out writing a book. The working title of my book was ‘The Mystery of the Doomsday Project’.

Give me a break, Dr House. I was only twelve.

That book never really got off the ground, considering my rather weak skills in writing compositions. I never finished more than a few pages, and then, life happened. First it was the PSLE, then the O Levels, the A Levels, the Army, my Bachelor’s degree, my Doctorate, my Dad Life 101 Certification Course (still ongoing)…. I never really had the time of the will to pursue my lifelong dream.

Until a few years back.

I started writing a few pages of a novel in 2013. Then, I worked on it in starts and stops over the next five years. As before, life happened, and it always seemed to get in the way of my magnum opus.

I then chose to share my dream with a friend of mine. I expected him to roar with laughter, but all he did was say ‘It’s October 2018 now. You might want to join the NanoWriMo initiative that’s happening soon.’

That was one of the best pieces of advice I had ever received.

The world needs your novel.

This initiative to write a 50 000 words novel in a single month spurred me to finish my novel. I have to say that it was a highly enriching experience, seeing everyone urge each other on – even if it was only in a closed Facebook group.

Lo and behold, I present to you my magnum opus.

*muted applause*

Some things you need to know about this book:

  1. It’s a young adult novel. I just found it hard to write a book that is greater than NC-16 in content. I could not bring myself to write about things that would make myself blush, so to speak.
  2. It involves a gang war in the streets of Singapore, though. So you can expect quite a fair bit of blood and gore. And fatalities, unfortunately.
  3. Seeing as how this is my first serious attempt at writing a novel, it has more than a few literary cliches and writing inconsistencies. And I think I saw at least one plot hole big enough for the SDF-1 Macross to fly through unimpeded.

That being said though, I had a lot of fun writing this novel, and it is my sincere wish that anyone who chooses to plonk down their hard-earned money to read it will enjoy it too. And if I get brickbats or criticism over my writing style, so be it.

At least I would have fulfilled my childhood dream. In a way.

If you wish to purchase a copy (in either ebook or print format), the Amazon link may be found here.

And if you really do buy a copy….. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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