Blog of Fudge

All my journal entries go here. That’s what most of you are here for, isn’t it?

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Profile of Fudge

Resume. Curriculum vitae. Professional profile.

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Gallery of Fudge

Some interesting photos I’ve taken in my life. Mostly with my handphone, yes, but I’m not here to win photography awards.

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Who I Really Am

My name is Muhammad Fadzli Bin Hassan. A bit of a mouthful for most people, which is probably why I came to get the nickname of ‘Fudge’ and all of its variants (Fudgie, Fudgey, Fudgester, Chocolate Fudge, etc…… )

Outside of the office (and the lecture theatre), I wear a lot of hats. ‘Dad’ is by far the biggest and heaviest hat I’ve had to wear. There’s also ‘Husband’, too. And ‘long-distance runner’. And a whole lot of other things.

You are probably here simply out of curiosity. Perhaps you’d like to get to know me a little better. Perhaps there’s just nothing good on Youtube and The Web of Fudge somehow sounds like a decent alternative.

I don’t know why you’re here, but since you are, I won’t bore you any further. Please click on ‘Blog of Fudge’ in the links above to get started.