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Hi guys,

I am assuming that no one is really reading this. But that’s fine with me.

I haven’t been writing anything for the past five months. But that’s only to be expected. Not with the pressures of work, parenthood, upgrading courses, health, and even just putting food on the table all come together.

Life isn’t easy, no kidding. And that’s not much of an excuse to not write anything, I know. I’m just saying that as much as I really do wish I can write more here, I just find myself unable to do so.

In any case, this website had been down for a couple of months, and it took a fair bit of effort for me to bring it back up.

I sure hope it’s working again.

Anyway, I sure do hope I do get to write something again in the near future, and I hope this will be read by someone, somewhere.

And if it isn’t, well… no big loss there.


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