Fake News and the Wuhan Virus

The whole world has been focused on the Wuhan virus thus far.

From CNN.com

While the virus itself is a major threat, I am more concerned about another type of virus. More specifically, fake news involving the Wuhan virus… going viral. The way I see it, fake news and total falsehoods related to the outbreak are an even greater menace than the outbreak itself.

We are talking about people claiming that the virus is spread by oranges…

Another one about the hospitals in Melaka barring visitors….


And here’s my personal favourite: how to wear face masks (wrongly):

For goodness’ sake, please have a heart and a brain and don’t cook up fanciful stories just for kicks.

And if you ever see such a story, please at least use your brain and do some reasonable background checks before passing it on. If the source is known to be reliable (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc), that’s at least something. But if the source is ‘some dude who posted it on my Facebook wall’, stay well away from it.

‘I saw it on the Internet, so it must be real’ does NOT count as a reasonable background check.

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