IBM Model M (or, I just got myself a keyboard that's 27 years old)

I have a new keyboard for my computer at work.

Actually, scratch that. It’s actually a new old keyboard.

Introducing, ladies and gentlemen… the IBM Model M buckling spring keyboard.

The stuff of legends.

This particular keyboard was actually built on license by Lexmark, circa 1993.

That means this bad boy is a solid 27 years old. And that when it was manufactured, I was a wee lad of 10, and I was only in Primary 4.

That being said, anyway who has ever touched a computer in the 1990s would know what I’m talking about. This keyboard is a beast. It’s heavy (over 2 kilos), it makes one heck of a racket when you pound on the keys, and it is HUGE.

But everyone who has ever used it would agree that it is by far the finest keyboard that has ever been created.

My personal experience is that it is somewhat on par with my shiny Cooler Master Cherry Blue keyboard.

But then again, this baby’s only about two years old.

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