Seriously, What?

I took two degrees in the NUS.

One after the other.

I spent a solid nine years of my life there. I am, at the time of this writing, 36 years old. That’s a full 1/4 of my life. Some kids who were born just after I matriculated were in Primary 3 when I left.

And now, I really have to ask: did they put something in the water there or something since I left?

At this point I find myself almost having to hide where I got my academic credentials from.

I know that the vast majority of NUS students are decent, law-abiding people. The problem, then, is this tiny minority of students who think that ‘boundary conditions’ are just a mathematical abstract instead of a reasonable set of rules for behaving yourself.

On a more general level, I seriously do not understand what goes through the mind of all these offenders. Was it really worth having a lifetime of pain as a convicted sex offender just for a few seconds of pleasure?

Some may say that some offenders got away with probation and technically have no criminal records. You guys know who I’m talking about.

Well, that may be true…. up to a point. In this day and age, a poorly-written social media post can lead to your being unable to land a dream job. Companies routinely do a quick Google search on you before they will offer you a job. Even getting away with probation counts for little when your name and face are plastered all over the netsphere with details of your dastardly deeds.

So, really, I have to ask… what’s gotten into the water over there?

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  1. Salam I love reading your post. It has good english and helps me to develop critical thinking. Alhamdullilah very aspiring and motivating for me. Always make me self reflect. Please continue to share. I really enjoy reading it.

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