SingPost? (sigh) post.

Back when I was a wee lad of 12, I had a pen pal from Slovenia. We would shoot letters to each other for the next couple of years. It would amaze me, both then and now, that technology had progressed to the point where you could send a letter to a far-off Balkan country whose capital has a name that most people can’t pronounce properly.


Such a feat could be pulled off way back in 1995.

Which makes it all the more perplexing that SingPost can’t seem to send letters from point A to point B within Singapore in 2019.

Yes, as it turns out, it WAS the work of a rogue postman. Credit where credit is due; SingPost filed a police report and got the postman arrested within hours.

That being said, it does raise the spectre of what’s really going on behind the scenes at SingPost. The occasional aberrant employee is quite understandable, but with the recent spate of incidents involving SingPost, one wonders whether there is a bigger problem at play.

For example, there was the case of the postman whose job was to deliver collection slips instead of parcels.

Or how about the case of the the time where they tricked a man who had hired them to distribute flyers?

Here’s the thing, though: with everyone knowing that SingPost can’t be trusted to deliver mail from one point to another point, it raises a truly ugly spectre: that of not having to take responsibility. I mean, think about it. Now that we all know that SingPost can’t even be trusted to deliver official government mail, we all have the perfect excuse for not paying our bills on time. After all, if it’s established that SingPost can’t be trusted to deliver the mail, who’s to say that the client who claimed to not have received the bill in the mail really didn’t receive it?

Don’t take my word for it. Even the Government has had enough of SingPost’s antics.


SingPost, I don’t care about what you think about mail delivery being a sunset industry or whatever. Like it or not, we still need to get our mail. Postal delivery is still very much a thing in this day and age. In fact, it’s in your own name: Singapore Post!

Now get your act together, because we do not expect this sort of thing to be happening in 2019!

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