Triple Eye

I had always felt that a single monitor setup wasn’t quite cutting it for me at work. Sure, it’s a decent 21 inch monitor good enough for most purposes, but it just doesn’t quite cut it especially for spreadsheet work.

It doesn’t help matters that my work laptop is locked out of the Internet and that I need to use my old 2012-era ThinkPad T430s for internet-related work. Which is much of the time, truth be told.

So I decided to go all out and use not one, not two, but THREE monitors.

Before anyone says that my pockets are way too deep, let me explain how I came to this setup:

  1. Central Monitor

The central monitor is a company-issued 23-inch Dell monitor. So, yeah, no money down there.

  • Left Monitor

The left monitor is a really old 18.5 inch BenQ monitor I bought in…. 2009. It is older than my own children, that’s what I’m saying. It’s no longer as bright and vibrant as when I first bought it, but it does its job pretty well.

  • Right monitor

The right monitor is an 18.5 inch Compaq Presario monitor that I got from Cash Converters. You know, the place where people dump their old household items for a few dollars. I got this for something like $20 at a Cash Converters outlet.

One would ask, does having a multiple monitor setup actually help? I can offer my own anecdotal evidence, which is a resounding YES. It does help a lot when you’re doing things like spreadsheet work where you have to transfer data from one document to another. I can open my spreadsheet on one monitor, my reference document on another monitor, and have the third monitor open to my work email.

Evidence also shows that having multiple monitors helps.

If nothing else, it at least reduces the frustration that comes with having to do so much work on a single screen.   

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