Why Aliens Won’t Talk to Us

A myriad of challenges available through social media have gained traction over recent years- some harmless, some not so much. Assumedly, the most popular would be the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Most of us have seen celebrities, elected officials, and everyday people of all ages, making a video of themselves having ice water dumped over themselves for the sake of this particular challenge. It was cute, wasn’t all that destructive or dangerous, but still kind of a dumb thing to do.

Here we are years later, and what other challenges have come up? Let’s just say that they are probably the primary reason for the refusal of aliens to make contact with us.

Tide Pods

There’s the Tide Pod Challenge, where you need to chew on a Tide Pod on video. This started off harmless enough.

Tide created a challenge with their pods, but the idea was to remove stains, not to use them for chew toys. Someone had the genius idea to start chewing on them, and off it went.

Swallowing Cinnamon

The Cinnamon Challenge was another one. Take a spoon full of Cinnamon, and try to swallow it under 60 seconds. This particular challenge landed people in the hospital, and even resulted in a couple of deaths.

Bird Box

Another display of forward thinking is called the `Bird Box Challenge.’ Getting its idea from the Netflix show “Bird Box,” those who take up this challenge have to blindfold themselves, and complete challenges that will eventually land them in dangerous situations.

Must be Getting Old

My generation grew up in a period of time before the internet and computers were household necessities. If you wanted to do something terribly dumb, you had to come up with it yourself (for the most part anyhow).

Now, through the miracle of technology, this is no longer an issue. Stupid can be achieved by simply doing what you’re challenged to do on the internet! Progress!

Dangerous Stunt Videos

To their credit, most social media outlets have begun the process of taking down videos of these dangerous feats for various challenges. Though this appears to be a step in the right direction, we should all recognize the shame, that it was a step that had to be taken in the first place.

How long is it going to be, before we’re looking at disastrous reports coming from a `Jump off a Bridge’ challenge? I wish this question was asked in jest, but it’s not.

Seriously, please don’t.

I really want aliens to think that we are worth making contact with. Please.

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